Olivia: Sneak Peek

Last night was a gorgeous evening for a sunset lifestyle shoot. Enjoy these sneak peeks from Olivia’s! Check out my investment packages at dorydiazphotography.com/investment.html, and message me to book your lifestyle shoot before the fall colors fade away!

Senior Session: Jack

Nothing makes me happier than photographing my friends (or my friends’ kids). It feels like a gift they give me every time I look at the moments I capture with them. That’s part of why I’m so happy I was able to photograph my friend Mandy’s son Jack’s Senior Session–though I can’t say he was nearly as thrilled. He balked every step of the way about having Senior pictures taken at all right up until the moment he stepped out of the car at our shoot location. But once he was in front of the camera, his entire attitude changed, and he unleashed his inner Zoolander, posing effortlessly, and even suggesting more pictures when I was ready to move on. (His brother Gabe had no issue being in front of the camera as you can see below.) Jack even ate cold, flavorless ramen for a good five minutes while I photographed him from every angle without complaint. At the end of the evening he declared the whole session was a solid 6 out of 10…which for Jack means it was closer to an 8.

I’ll take it.

Sneak Peek: The Boy Who Loved Ramen

I’ve known Jack since he was small, and he’s spent quite a bit of time running around my house with my son Ronan, playing Batman in the pitch dark, making random videos, or just hanging out in the bean bag chairs in our TV room playing Star Wars on his PS4. So when Mandy asked me if I could be the one to capture Jack’s senior session, I was thrilled–and because the kid is seriously obsessed with ramen, I knew that eating ramen had to be a part of our shoot. Enjoy this sneak peek from today’s riverside ramen shoot!


Senior Session: Garrett

There’s something about a boy and his truck…er, I think that expression is usually about a boy and his dog, but in Garrett’s case, he’s all about his truck. His Chevy played a big role in his Senior Session, and he had every reason to be proud: he bought and fixed it himself, another in a long line of fixer-upper trucks he’s flipped.

The skies cooperated, too — dramatic storm clouds rolled in as we were headed to our second location, and we just had to stop to grab a couple of shots on an open field, with the big dark sky rolling out over us. As I set up my light, I had a moment to think, Maybe setting up a light with a huge battery on an aluminum pole isn’t the best idea when I can hear thunder, but the need to grab the shot overrode my common sense (and hey! I made it!).

By the time we arrived at our last location, the pond in front of his aunt’s home, the light was fading fast, but Garrett’s friend Cody drove Garrett’s truck around the backside of the pond, and I was able to include it in the shots with gorgeous colors of the sunset providing a backdrop.


Through it all, Garrett was an awesome sport, willing to do whatever I asked (and even listening to his mom when she told him to use his “real smile”. I’m so glad I was able to spend a couple of hours with him and his family…and his truck, of course!