Caroline and Tom: Never a Dull Moment

When my second shooter, Rachel (filling in for her sister and my normal constant partner-in-crime, Jessica) and I pulled up to The Landing at Pine Point in Scarborough, the day was off to a gorgeous start: sunny and breezy, with a hint of salt on the sea air, and the mood inside of the bridal suite was festive: Caroline and her bridesmaids were getting prepped with a steady stream of hip hop, and mimosas and laughter were the order of the day. Rachel and I immediately took advantage of the beautiful breeze to photograph Caroline’s gown outside under the pergola where she would wed Tom just a few short hours later, the lace gown blowing gently in the sea breeze.

The good weather wouldn’t last, though. By the time we headed down the short two block walk to the beach where Tom was waiting, it looked Armageddon was coming from the West, and just as Caroline got in position to make her walk down the beach bath to her man, fat drops of rain started falling from the sky, turning into a downpour within seconds. Caroline ran for the condos next door, where a very nice family let her take refuge, while Tom ran in from the shoreline, getting soaked in the process.

But even though First Look was foiled by torrents of rain, Caroline and Tom stayed upbeat. When hot, humid sunshine replaced the torrential rain, they gamely tried their best to look cool. After we restaged First Look back at the Landing, we did a few portraits with their very excited-to-see-them wolf-dog, Smokey. A lovely outdoor ceremony was followed by their reception, with Caroline’s bridesmaid Becca serenading them beautifully for their first dance. From the moment Rachel and I arrived until we packed up to go, there was never a dull moment–and I don’t think the laughter ever paused, unless it was for happy tears.

Many vendors worked hard to make Caroline and Tom’s day extra special:

Sneak Peek: Lexy and Jimmy

Despite early morning predictions of rain for the Southern Coast, Saturday dawned rain-free and gorgeous. And Jess and I are so happy it did! Lexy was a beautiful bride, anxious to see her man, and I am honored I was able to be a part of such a special day.

Here are a few Sneak Peek images to tide you over until the Maine Event (see what I did there haha) pictures post. Enjoy!!

This wedding would not have happened without the hard work and artistic eye of all of Lexy and Jimmy’s vendors:


Sneak Peek: Caroline and Tom

What a day yesterday! Huge thunderstorms (check out those clouds!) and torrential rain intervened seconds before First Look began and threw our plans off a bit, but Caroline and Tom were excellent sports through the storm (and the hot, muggy weather that followed!). We had such a blast following them through their day! Enjoy this sneak peek!

A huge thank you to the awesome vendors who made everything gorgeous:

  • Event Coordinating, Catering, and Cake Artist: Black Tie Caterers ( and the staff at The Landing at Pine Point
  • Florist: Skillins Greenhouses (
  • The DJ who kept everyone dancing and singing along: Luke Lanigan ( with Revolution DJs
  • Hair and Makeup by: Jessica Candage and Maeghan (
  • Second Shooter of Awesomeness: Rachel Dow

An Intimate Gathering at the Bethel Inn Resort

The day dawned cloudy with a chance of rain, but that only added to our excitement as my second shooter, Jessica, and I drove the winding roads from Farmington, where we live, to Bethel, Maine, to begin shooting Regina and Steve’s wedding day. Cloudy days make for excellent portrait days, and as we drove, Jess and I strategized, checking out a couple of possible First Look locations on the way. We arrived at the Bethel Inn Resort to find Regina serene and beautiful as Jody Newman from I Do Spas put the finishing touches on her hair and makeup. Tracy, her Maid of Honor, and Casey, her bridesmaid, chatted about who was most likely to cry at the ceremony while the I Do team worked on their hair and makeup, and Casey surprised herself by bursting into tears as she declared Tracy was more likely to cry (we all had a good laugh at that, too!).

Happy tears seemed to be the order of the day. Steve’s mother, Kim, couldn’t hold back her emotion when she saw Steve in his wedding suit, and Regina’s mother, Linda, hugged her daughter tight when she was overcome with emotion at the sight of Regina in her dress for the first time. One of the things I loved most about working with Regina and Steve was seeing how very beloved they are by their family and friends.

Jess and I also loved how hilarious the guys were to work with! Steve and his Best Man, Dan, staged their own First Look, and Steve’s brother, Jaron (who asked me in Steve and Regina’s pre-booking interview, If you could be any animal, what would you be? My pick: baby elephant. Jaron’s? Sloth.), kept us laughing all day long. The day wasn’t all laughter, though: even though Steve had insisted that he would not get emotional when he saw Regina (and she had agreed!), he couldn’t hide how moved he was to see her in her gown for the first time. And only a statue could not be moved: Regina simply looked stunning in her gorgeous gown, like a fairy-tale princess come to life.

Earlier, one of the locations Jess and I had scouted for First Look was the covered bridge at the foot of the Sunday River Ski Resort, and we were so glad we chose it! It was a perfect backdrop, especially on the slightly overcast day, and the beautiful bright blooms from Carol Duplessis of Pooh Corner Farm were the perfect accent for our shots.

The day flew by after that! The sun made a very brief appearance just before the emotional ceremony, kicked off by two of the most adorable and best-behaved flower girls Jess and I have ever seen, and performed by Steve’s Aunt Michelle, but Regina’s smile as she walked toward Steve outshone the sun. The rest of the day passed quickly in a blur of hugs, tears, and laughter. It was such a privilege to spend the day with Regina and Steve and their friends and family!

These vendors all played an integral role in making Regina and Steve’s day amazing! Be sure to check them out:

A Rainy Day Wedding at the Migis Lodge


Some say rain makes for an even more radiant bride, and Dana proved that abundantly true on Saturday, May 6th in Casco, Maine. Misty rain (and occasional downpours) fell on and off all day at the rustic and beautiful Migis Lodge on Sebago Lake, but Dana glowed with happiness. “I can’t wait to see him,” she murmured as she waited anxiously to begin her walk down to the isolated dock on Moose Point where he waited.

I’d asked LeEric earlier if he thought he’d be emotional, and he’d laughed the thought off, but there was no question emotions were running high from the minute he saw Dana for the first time in her wedding gown. (See for yourself in the images above!) The rest of the day passed quickly in a flood of happy tears  and laughter.

“Dana was always the girl I just wanted to be near,” Dana’s sister Jaime said in her moving speech, and LeEric’s brothers had him laughing and crying during their speeches, in turn. It was incredibly heart-warming to see the close bond between these two families being joined in marriage, and I found myself tearing up listening to them. Some of the best dancing I’ve seen at a wedding capped off the night, and the party was still going strong as my second shooter and I packed up our gear, happy and exhausted. I am beyond honored Dana and LeEric chose me to photograph their day, and I loved every minute of working with them and their hilarious and fun family and friends!

Throughout these shots, you’ll note the work of these amazing vendors (or they’re just amazing and deserved a mention!):

A huge thank you to the staff at the Migis Lodge, especially wedding coordinator, Robyn Hammond-Sala, and Cake Artist, Caitlan Morris

I also want to thank the amazing Matt and Heather Forcier of LMV Productions who made my day soooo much easier and even more fun!

DJ: Dave Hall of DJ Trends
Make-up: Adore Rouge LLC
Hair: CEL Hair
Wedding Dress: Alexandra’s Boutique
Florist: Marcia Davis Flowers

And a final thank you to my very talented and hard-working Second Shooter and BFF: Jessica Harris!