Sean + Johnna: The Wedding

With every wedding, I’m always aware of the privilege I’m being given to document a couple’s love story as it unfolds on that first, most important day of it. But that feeling is even stronger when I’m photographing the wedding of friends: there’s an ease already established that lets me easily fit into their day. I know a good part of the story that brought them together, and it helps me enjoy the process of documenting the next chapter of that story even more. Sean and Johnna’s wedding was one of the highlights of my year, and not just because they are friends, but because the love they feel for each other shines out of them both. You can see it in Sean’s smile the moment Johnna enters his proximity. You can tell in the way Johnna’s eyes can’t stay off Sean for more than a moment. Their love is the real deal, the one fairy tales are written about, the kind a lot of people only get to dream about, and the joy of that love radiates out of them. It’s infectious in the best possible way. I can’t say enough about how much I enjoyed spending September 2nd with them and their incredible families and friends…but I’ll try to sum it up in the pictures below.

Thanks, guys. ❤

Lots of awesome people came together to make Sean and Johnna’s day incredible:

  • Makeup: Marissa Young
  • Hair: Katie Daniel and Simone Barcia-Beaton
  • Flowers: Katie Daniel
  • Venue: The Governor’s Hill Mansion (and their staff is seriously the BEST–shout out to Elaine, the Events Director,  and Taylor, Mikayla (sp?), and all of the awesomely friendly servers!)
  • Catering: The Liberal Cup
  • And last but definitely not least, my Second Shooter Extraordinaire and Right Arm: Jessica Harris

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